If you feel drawn to our mission and wish to contribute financially, we will be most grateful. A financial contribution does not only open the door for you, but also for others.

Your contribution will be used to materialize Aikyam’s thoughts and ideas.

Over time we will create a centre for personal growth and a community which will be open to everyone. A place for healing and growth, for young and old, that is what Aikyam aims at.

The name Aikyam comes from Sanskrit, the oldest living Indo-European language, and has been chosen with care:
- ‘Aik’ or ‘ek’ means one
- ‘Yam’ is the seed syllable to open up the heart chakra

Aikyam means Unity, Harmony

Please transfer your contribution to IBAN NL37TRIO0320185605 in the name of Stichting Aikyam.