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Anu de Rooden

My life has been one long chain of adventures: I started to broaden my horizon when I was 16 and I have continued to do so until now. One of the most important moments in my life was in 2013, when I traveled from India to Nepal, where my long spiritual quest unexpectedly ended. Looking back, I understand that the unpredictable and erratic course of my life was a preparation for what was to come. The recognition of a spiritual teacher cannot be described. It marked the beginning of a new way of life, with dedication, surrender, acceptance and trust.

At the beginning of 2020 my nomad life came to a halt in the Netherlands due to corona. It was like an invitation to change course. For me it is a new experience to stay in one place, put my backpack away and witness what wants to come to the surface. Now I share my experiences and knowledge of food, ayurveda, yoga and singing bowls with everyone who is interested or in need. It is a gift to be able to share my work and to experience the first positive results, including the birth of Aikyam.


Martien van den Berg

From a young age I asked myself and others all kinds of questions about existence. In my adolescence my search for meaning and spirituality intensified. I attended many church services from different traditions at home and abroad and also immersed myself in Eastern movements such as macrobiotics. Macrobiotics also gave me an interest in anthroposophy, Ayurveda and yoga.

As a young rebel I went to live on my own at the age of 16 to get to know myself better. The first years were not an easy period. I was mostly fighting with myself and against injustice, at least from my perspective, bumping into many walls. At the same time there was the search for a natural, simple existence and a different way of living together in harmony with everything and everyone. Because of this I started to learn more about shamanism, again different movements and traditions.

A few years ago I came into contact with Guru Premangee from Nepal and have since been connected with the organization he founded. His life lessons resonate deeply within me. The simplicity, but at the same time depth of the directions feel like coming home. Connected with the earth, with the elements and all life forms. Where the focus is on the positive flow with great trust, where there is a place for everyone regardless of background or beliefs. I therefore love to work through Aikyam to get these ideas rooted in the Netherlands as well.